Founded by leaders in the mobility payment vertical, CurbTrac is a Philadelphia-based technology company creating innovative solutions for the parking and mobility industries. The company’s leading product, a centralized parking payment database, provides municipalities, universities, and private parking operators with a fully-integrated, multi-app payment system

The Clean Driver Program is CurbTrac’s latest product and leverages its flexible software, and vast network of partnerships across the US, to quickly scale customized solutions to providing COVID-19 safety measures for Transportation Network Companies (TNC).  The Clean Driver Program launched in Philadelphia to support GrubHub drivers in partnership with the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

CurbTrac Solution

We allow our clients to offer multiple mobile payments apps to their parkers. All your approved consumer paymenmt apps send data to CurbTrac. CurbTrac aggregates the session data an then distributes the date to enforcement handhelds, LPR cameras or any other system you need it to.

Key Features

CurbTrac seeks to increase mobile parking app adoption rates by allowing clients to deploy multiple mobile payment apps for any parking operation.  Our hosted “mobility-as-a-service”  platform sits behind the scenes and automates many of the manual tasks parking operators, finance teams, and front-line staff perform daily

Higher Adoption Rates

Full Integration Management

High Availability

Full Control of Rates and Policies

Generate More Revenue

Reduce Hardware Costs

Consolidated Reporting

On-going Mobility Advisement

Institute New Curb Management Strategies

Development Hours
Years of Experience

All Your Mobile Payment Data in One Place

We designed our client back office reporting based on the needs of users of your organization.

  • Leadership– Dashboards to display data in a way to provide a quick overview of your program. Do you want a daily email with a snapshot of yesterdays data? No problem, we got that for you,  it will be in your inbox before you wake up.
  • Operational Staff– Easy access to transactional data. No need to run a report and search a transaction, just search by plate from the main screen
  • Finance– Auto-generated reports based on their needs.

We also give you an app to view all this cool data so it’s at your fingertips whenever you need it.

 Clear Consumer Messaging

Our team will work with you to design the right package. We know what works.

Simple and Concise Signage

Meter Decals

Short Code Text Communications